Monday, May 19, 2008

Reggie is gone: Life no longer worth living

Do I seem to be posting less frequently recently?

I'd dropped off of blogging anyway, but the BIG drop-off not coincidentally corresponded with a sad and terrible decision I had to made to get rid of Reggie. He's ongoing peeing-in-the-apartment problems were only getting worse, and then he started getting bladder blockages (at $650 a pop!) The vet said it was do to stress, that he simply hated living in a tiny apartment with three bitchy sisters and a little kid, and the best thing for Reggie would be to find him a new home that could allow him to be an outdoor cat. Literally Dr.'s orders to get rid of him.

And so Reggie left Che Layman to live with my mom.

On the way back from dropping him off, I noticed the sky no longer was blue, even though it was a sunny day. It was this grey color.

Shortly after, food started losses its taste, everything just started tasting kinda ashes. And then everything sorta seemed gray. I cried a lot. I'd call into work sick, and stay home weeping into a pillow. When I did go to work I would stare at a blank computer screen. Pretty soon I stopped getting up in the morning altogether, and I just spent the entire day, all day, every day, asking myself how was I expected to go on without Reggie.

Moreover, how am I supposed to blog without Reggie?

It's a question I still ask myself.

And, friends, there are no easy answers.