Monday, October 12, 2009


My latest literary purchase.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ten. Glorious. Animals.

New Alice Donut album... IN MY HANDS!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Best News EVER!!!!!: New ALICE DONUT album on the way!!! 10 Glorious Animals

I kept Alice Donut's last album, "Fuzz," in my car CD player and never changed it and listened to it every day for an entire year. I am not even exaggerating.

Greatest band in the history of the universe!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

On sale today! (8/5/09) CHEW #3 (and more!)

Chew #3 is on sale today!

As well as CHEW #2, second printing and CHEW #3 third printing!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The best thing about San Diego Comic Con?

I almost forgot! I met some dude who worked at Lego and he gave me a limited edition metallic C3PO mini-figure, one of only 10,000 made.

I'm reasonably certain this makes me just about the coolest person on Earth!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Highlights of San Diego Comic Con 09

We had a great reception to CHEW, and sold a metric crap-ton of comics. Met a lot of cool fans and readers, too.

I bought a copy of Fart Party 2 from Julia Wertz, and the Doc Splatter Omnibus from Paul Horn.

I gave a copy of PUFFED to Jorges Garcia, Hurly from Lost, and told him if PUFFED was a movie, he should play the lead.

I picked up a Rescue Squad Mater for Carter, who was grateful for about 24 entire hours.

Not the most eventful con, true, but, then, I spent most of the con largely sober and working the CHEW booth.

Looks like Our Boy Layman is finally growing up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, CHEW is coming to Comic-Con! Booth #2729

Yes indeedy, we will be at San Diego Comic Con, at Image Isle at booth #2729. We've got a table and both Rob Guillory and Ol' Layman will be parked there as often as humanly possible. Be sure and stop by and get your books signed, find out about what's coming up in future issues, see preview pages for Issues #3 and #4, and hear long boring stories about how Layman lost his leg in the war and how kids today aren't as good as when he was young, way back in the early days of the 20th Century. Rob will have some original art, and will be doing sketches and commissions. We should have issues #1 and #2 for sale, unless disamster strikes (but don't hold your breath for any very sold-out first editions-- it's possible, but don't count on it.)

Layman will also be debuting his new hardcover, Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen, so if you can't find him at the Image Booth, he'll be signing at Oni at

Thur 1:00 – 2:00
Fri 1:00 – 2:00
Sat 4:00 – 5:00
Sun 10:00 – 11:00

And be sure to check out Layman at the Image Panel on how to pitch an indie comic (where Layman will have no advice whatsoever except "If you want a hit comic, hire Rob Guillory," followed by a litany of obscene threats and invective against anybody who actually thinks about trying to hire Rob Guillory.)

Anyway, here's information on the panel:

Thursday, July 23
4:30-5:30 PM Workshop - Creating Creator Owned ComicsThe Image Comics Way
Want to bring your own vision to comics? Learn how from the people who do it best! Join Image Founder Jim Valentino (Shadowhawk) with Image luminaries Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants), John Layman (Chew) , Jimmie Robinson (Bomb Queen) Steven T. Seagle (Soul Kiss), and Richard Starkings (Elephantmen) for a very special, unprecedented workshop with an insider look at the creative process and tips on perfecting your pitch. This will also include a question and answer session giving you the chance to directly talk to many pros who have made their dreams their reality! Room 7AB

Anyway, hope to see you there! And keep an eye out for the special "booth beef" male-model we've hired to help represent CHEW. Prepare to behold the glory of "The Chew Bear," the absolute personification of handsomeness, style, and raw sexual power.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miss out on CHEW #1? Walking Dead #63/CHEW #1 flip-book on sale today!

For those of you who missed out on Chew #1, and don't want to get gouged on eBay for an original printing, Robert Kirkman and Image Comics have allowed us to piggy-back with The Walking Dead, to create a B&W flip book special edition at no extra price!

It goes on sale today, so if you are wondering what the CHEW fuss is about, here's a great way to check out the book --and get you monthly dose of Walking Dead survivalist horror mayhem!

This news is almost as exciting as my latest Lego set, the amazing HOTH ECHO BASE!!!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Holy Crap! CHEW sells out again! More printings on the way!

From the Image press release:
John Layman and Rob Guillory's cannibalistic crime thriller, CHEW, faces yet another sell out on its first and second issue!

Immediately upon release John Layman and Rob Guillory's CHEW has experienced an immediate sell out for both issue #2 and the second printing of issue #1.

"I'm shocked, pleased and flabbergasted by the enormous positive response we've gotten from CHEW," Layman said. "I can't put into words how gratified I am for the readers and retailers who have helped spread the word about this strange and unique little book. I'm also grateful to Image for taking speedy action to help get this book into as many readers' hands as possible. Thanks, everybody! The best is yet to come!"

CHEW's star, Detective Tony Chu, is a cop with a secret. As a Cibopath, Detective Chu gets a psychic impression from whatever he eats. While it means he's a hell of a Detective if he can stomach the evidence, once his secret gets out the government makes plans for him, whether he likes it or not. CHEW blends horror, mystery and the strangest ability of them all in an ongoing series of horrific crimes solved in the most horrific way possible. Since its release, the book has been receiving an immense amount of buzz, with many retailers directly contacting Image for as many copies as they can spare in light of the first issue's now multiple sell outs. Even Layman's fellow creators continue to talk up the book.

CRIMINAL writer Ed Brubaker said, "CHEW is one of the most original and intriguing new comics I've seen in years."

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson added, "The last time we saw such a tremendous response to an all-new title was when we launched THE WALKING DEAD. By all indications, CHEW is on its way to becoming the next monster hit from Image Comics."

CHEW #1 Third Printing, #2 Second Printing and #3, all 32-page comic books for $2.99, will see a simultaneous release on August 5th, 2009.

I feel like such a winner!

Friday, June 26, 2009

On Sale July 1st: CHEW #2 and CHEW #1 (second printing.) PLUS: Layman signs at Illusive Comics in Santa Clara

Live in the Bay Area or near the Silicon Valley? Old Layman will be signing from 6:30-8:30on July 1st at:
Illusive Comics & Games
2725 El Camino Real Suite 105
Santa Clara, CA 95052

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CHEW #1 sells out--second print coming!!

Thanks to everybody who helped make this book such a surprise hit. And if you missed out, never fear... a second print is coming (the green logo, pictured right.)

The cannibalistic crime thriller, CHEW, sells out with a second printing on the way!

CHEW, the all-new crime series with a cannibalistic twist from writer John Layman and illustrator Rob Guillory, debuted to a near immediate distribution-level sell out despite a significant overprint, resulting in a second printing.

"I've been insisting for years that the comic book industry has been clamoring for more books with double page spreads of non-costumed characters eating soup, and it's gratifying to see there indeed is a robust market for such a book," Layman said. "Big thanks to everybody --retailers, readers and reviewers-- who came out in such shocking numbers to check out something new and different, and more than a little bit weird. Rob Guillory's amazing art certainly played a big part in attracting people's attention, so I want to thank him for his great work as well."

CHEW's star, Detective Tony Chu, is a cop with a secret. As a Cibopath, Detective Chu gets a psychic impression from whatever he eats. While it means he's a hell of a Detective if he can stomach the evidence, once his secret gets out the government makes plans for him, whether he likes it or not. CHEW blends horror, mystery and the strangest ability of them all in an ongoing series of horrific crimes solved in the most horrific way possible. Since its release the book has been receiving an immense amount of buzz with many retailers directly contacting Image for as many copies as they can spare. Even Layman's fellow creators have been talking up the book.

CASANOVA and Uncanny X-Men Writer Matt Fraction commented, "Of all the times John Layman has made me want to throw up, this was the best. CHEW is disturbed and disturbing and warped and grotesque and hilarious and horrifying-- in short, exactly the kind of book we were all afraid John Layman had hiding inside of him somewhere. Now when they find the bodies, we can all hold up copies of CHEW and say SEE? WE TOLD YOU THIS WAS COMING. Oh, and Rob Guillory is going to helllllllllll."

CHEW #1 2nd Printing (APR098373) and CHEW #2 (MAY090346), both thirty-two page full color comic books for $2.99, will be in stores July 1st, 2009.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

CHEW #1 came out today!!

"How do I describe Chew? The perfect recipe for your comic book appetite:a healthy helping of police drama, a dash of humor, sprinkle in some action, and throw in some cannibalism for good measures. Chew has it all, just be sure not to read it on an empty stomach."

"Chew is a great comic book – the type that grabs you by the ears, takes a bite out of your nose, spits it in your face and still leaves you laughing and hungry for more. After only one issue, it might be my favorite book on the stands."

"The most unsettling, most awesome piece of comic book material that's been published in quite some time."

"The plot moves in a downhill direction."

Check out for more, especially since I suck so much at updating this site.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Sale last week: Tek Jansen #5

Remember how excited I was when Tek Jansen started up? Now I'm just glad it's over. It's been a long, winding road, but here we are.

Tek hardcover coming in July!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Man, I feel like shit (Bumble Buzz edition)

Poor old Bumble Buzz. I haven't clipped the cat's claws in a long time, and we finally got around to clipping Batty's, coz she jumps on you and you totally get stabbed by her sharp little claws. Anyway, I looked at Bumble Buzz's claws for the first time in several months and they are all so long and big there were, like, three different claws ingrown into her little paw pads.

I cut the claws, but her little feet were bleeding and now the paw pads are scabbed over. I've been putting ointment on it, but I feel so bad I let this go for so long without her noticing.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Chew" has its own web site! Plus an order code: APR09 0337 Chew#1

My upcoming comic book "Chew has it's own web site at !

Check it out!

Also, here's the solicitation for it that appeared in Previews. Click on image for the bigger version.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Layman has a new comic book coming in June: It's called Chew

It's called Chew, with fantastic art from a cat named Rob Guillory. Is coming from Image,

Here's some links talking about it:





I'm going to be promoting the hell out of this in the comic months, so expect more activity on this blog. If anybody wants to interview me or whatever, drop me a line.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On sale last week: Tek Jansen #4

Remember when I used to have comic books coming out all the time? Yeah, me too. Those days are coming back, ladies, mark my words.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is the new shit, yo

Because you are all sad and pathetic and hang on my every word, and everything I do is the coolest and absolute height of fashion, I thought I would share some of my recent purchases or aquisitions:

Lily Allen: It's Not Me, It's You CD
It's embarrassing how much I like this chick's music. Considering I don't really listen to new music, just the same old crap I've listened to for the past 15 or 20 years, this is about as close to new music as I get. Her stuff is super poppy, but the lyrics are pretty mean and raw, and I get a big kick out of them. I like it even more because Lily Allen does a lot of outrageous stueff in real like, getting wasted in public and cursing and flashing her boobs and being generally obnoxious. This album is a little more hit and miss than her first. About half the songs I just love love love. The other half really do nothing for me. Doesn't really bother me, though, since CDs are cheap these days, and I just load up the music I like on my iPod anyway.

Speed Racer on Blu Ray
I loved this movie so much I bought it on Amazon before I was even halfway through watching the disc of it I had Netflixed. Still unsure if it is the best movie of 2008, but it is damn good, and truly visionary. Remember how the Matrix was the first movie you needed to by a DVD player for? This is the first movie you need a Blu-Ray player and an HD TV to fully appreciate. I could go on, but this probably merits a blog post just itself, under the heading "Best Goddamn Movie (or Movies) of 2008."

Lego Pirates Loot Island, set #6241
Given to me by my life partner for Valentines' day. Awesome, but not quite as awesome as the new Lego farm sets showing up in stores now. I'll be getting those soon. Look for me to resume the Layman Lego Project when I do.

The Fart Party
As I indicated in my NYCC post, this was my big purchase of the con, and my big fanboy moment, since The Fart Party is my favorite web comics (with Paul Horns Cool Jerk being a very close second.) My friend Allen is also a fan, and also purchased a book, and mentioned I was uncharacteristically quiet when I met with the author, Julia Wertz. She is always doing cartoons about wanting to kill people who annoyed her, though, and I just assumed she would want to kill me, too, if I opened my mouth. So I kept my yap shut. This book is funny as hell, and available on Amazon. I recommend it.

08 by Dan Goldman and some other dude
Dan Goldman is a buddy of mine and we spent a very enjoyable evening together at NYCC eating Afghani food and going to a sake bar. I like to buy books to support my friends and needed something to read on the plane flight home, so I picked this one up. Loved it a lot. Of course, it was non-fiction, so a lot of what I loved was the fact, at the end of the story, the shitbag Republicans are sent packing and we finally have a president who isn't a dunce. Anyway, more good stuff.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo
'Cause I like my hair to smell good, bitches!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Layman '09. Post NYCC. Back from the dead?

So... I got back from New York Comic Con yesterday, and had the best con in recent memory. Just a damn good time, invigorating, and the polar opposite of a lot of cons I've been in the past, particularly San Diego.

A big difference, certainly, is I'm not hovering around DC and Marvel, there's no expectation or hope of work, so I was just able to enjoy things, getting to the con late, dining with friends, drinking with friends --though not quite to the excess that I have in years passed. I stayed with friends in Brooklyn, which feels decidedly lower key than Manhattan.

I didn't buy much at the show, but I never do. My big fanboy moment was buying 2 copies of Julia Wertz's "The Fart Party," a collection of my favorite web comics.

I did miss out seeing a couple friends, Troy and John C. in particular, which was a bummer, but, overall, it was just a great show, and I really enjoyed seeing everybody I got to see and hang out with. Highlights? Seeing a filming of the Colbert Report; an Afghani dinner with Turkish coffee followed by good conversation in a sake bar with a good friend and one of my all-time favorite colorists; CB Cebulski's all-star party, too goddamned packed but it was nice to see practically every single person in the comics industry in one place; a Southern Mexican meal of really bizarre Mexican food; and then just chilling in the airport playing Warcraft on free wi-fi and running into some other friends and getting a quick drink with them. Even my down-time was good, as Battlestar G and Lost, which I was able to watch on my laptop, were particularly good last week.

I also showed around my upcoming comic book around the show. Yep, I said "upcoming comic book." If for no other reason, I'll probably be blogging more as a result of that.

See you around, suckahs.

Oh... p.s.: Photos by Alan Passallaqua