Monday, February 19, 2007

Is the forbidden love of Layman taboo... or Tabu?!?!

Here's what comics reviewer Hannibal Tabu said of Scarface #3, which went on sale last week, in his weekly CBR column "The Buy Pile":

Scarface: Scarred For Life #3 (IDW Publishing)
Really -- this needs to be a video game. Tony Montana dodges betrayal and bullets while brutally killing his way back to prominence and dodging the scrutiny of the authorities. Using nothing more than sheer force of will, he intimidates and impresses his way back into operation, stepping over the corpses of any who stand in his way and always reminding people "I don't f*** with anybody who don' f*** me first!" The blood, the gallows humor, the ruthlessness -- John Layman and Dave Crosland were born to make this comic, and the vibrant colors of Len O'Grady only help things along (how wonderful is that bright reunion scene in front of the hotel?).

Hannibal proceeded to give the book TEN Jennies!!

Meanwhile, THE LAYMAN BACKLIST, has been updated, at long last.

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