Sunday, February 17, 2008

In praise of Spongebob

Man, the funny thing about having a kid, you realize how much cartoons are like crack for babies. Most of the time, it will settle them down, shut them up, and mezmorize them. At least in Carter's case. So of course, without letting him watch too much, I have to admit, Cartoon Network has become our friend. "Blues Clues" is Carter's absolute favorite, and he'll sit in front of it, slack-jawed, for the entire show. But it's a bit insipid.

I also find "Backyardagins" tolerable. Surprisingly, almost every episode they have a song that I think is pretty catchy (there is nothing worse than finding yourself humming a song for 3 year olds as the day progresses, but with Backyardigans sometimes I do.)

"Fairly Oddparents" is the one cartoon that just sets my nerves on each, as shrill and stupid and ugly and unfunny.

And, SpongeBob SquarePants has become a favorite. I know it's d pretty commercialized, but, goddamn, it has some funny stuff, almost every episode. Carter just likes it because it a cartoon, but I find myself watching it without him, just for laughs, and I have no doubt this is exactly the sort of show that college stoners zone out to every afternoon or morning-- I would have, anyway.

So, uh... point of this blog? SpongeBob Squarepants is way damn funnier than I ever thought it could be. I'm a fan.

So, here's a new addition to The Layman Lego Project. When I saw this in the stores, I had to snap it up. It's a great looking set, but I'm a little baffled about the mini-figure choices. Hitler seems like a bad choice to include in a children's cartoon Lego set. I don't even think he was in that particular episode.


Anonymous said...

those are on nickelodeon, not cartoon network

C Combs said...

Anonymous just proved that you're full of shit Layman. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

actually blues clues and the backyardigans are on nick jr . and anyway were in this does it say that sponge bob or any of the listed above are on cartoon network. so really you were all proven to be full of crud.

Anonymous said...

i know its stupid and why is hitler even there x

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Sorry but I dont gent why so many people like this show, or American dad, or southpark, those are just dumb shows, specially southpark, it has no meaning what so ever.