Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tek Jansen nominated for a Harvey

For "Best Single Issue or Story," 2007.

A John Layman comic nominated for an award? What kind of crazy world is this?!?!?


Eric Ratcliffe said...

It would have made the story better if it turned out to be the first issue of Army of Darkness vs Xena why not? ;p

And how does someone like myself seek out an interview with an awesome writer such as yourself sir?

Old Man Tom said...

It's not a John Layman comic. It's a Tom Peyer comic.

aris said...

arisTom Peyer?

Yes. That probably explains it. Thank you for clearing this up. John has been telling everyone how important he is since he posted this.

He already cleared off his mantle where he keeps his prestigious "Lego" awards.