Thursday, July 30, 2009

Highlights of San Diego Comic Con 09

We had a great reception to CHEW, and sold a metric crap-ton of comics. Met a lot of cool fans and readers, too.

I bought a copy of Fart Party 2 from Julia Wertz, and the Doc Splatter Omnibus from Paul Horn.

I gave a copy of PUFFED to Jorges Garcia, Hurly from Lost, and told him if PUFFED was a movie, he should play the lead.

I picked up a Rescue Squad Mater for Carter, who was grateful for about 24 entire hours.

Not the most eventful con, true, but, then, I spent most of the con largely sober and working the CHEW booth.

Looks like Our Boy Layman is finally growing up!


robert said...

Thanks for the comics man I was so excited to get one. Also thanks for taking the time to talk to me for a little bit. Im the guy that asked if I could send you some questions, which i sent to you, thanks again.

Alan Hess said...

I was good to see you actually in the con and not belly up at the field.

Dave Downey said...

Hey John......I'm still interested in having you do a store signing....let me know if you can squeeze it into your schedule...e-mail me at, or call my store 916-973-8973......toodles.

Dave Downey
World's Best Comics
2608 Watt Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821

Robert Smith said...

I really love Comics. When I was in San Diego, as a child, I even used to dream about the future of comics. Your article really reminded me of your days in San Diego and the things I wanted to do for the comics world. May be will try them all now in some time.