Thursday, February 18, 2010

30 Days of Batty: Day 14

Battyfact: Kim bought Batty from a trailer park in Chula Vista, paying $60 for her because she didn't know much about cats and was hoodwinked into thinking one of Batty's parents was an "Australian Marble Snow Leopard" showcat (no such thing.) She also picked Batty because Batty was the smallest of the litter, and had a cold, so when Batty was brought home, she was sneezy and sickly.

She would recover, of course, but her kidney issues started showing up around 2003-2004.


bobheske said...

John -

My name is Bob Heske and I write a bi-weekly column for called IndieCreator. I have interviewed Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Harry Markosia (AAM Markosia), Alex Leung (Studio 407) and others.

I really enjoyed Chew and wanted to do a 10-12 question e-interview if you are game.

Please contact me at if interested.


Bob Heske

Anonymous said...

Geez, Bob, have some respect for the cat. I bet you'd drive an ice-cream truck through JFK's funeral procession if you owned one.