Sunday, November 27, 2005

Layman movie Review: CRASHNOLIA

Crash was a damn good movie.

But... it was freakin' Magnolia. It was the same movie, more or less. Big cast, all interacting and intersecting, with a healthy dose of coincidence and a weird and/or unlikely occurrance at the end. The difference, of course, is theme, and where Magnolia sorta dealth with regret and "sins of the past," Crash takes a look a race, and basically concludes we're all prejudice assholes in some form or another, but we can be decent one-on-one or with or to the people we love.

Still, of the two, I prefer Crash. I got Magnolia as a gift DVD a couple Christmasses back, and it is too shrill to hold up over repeat viewings. The Julianne Moore character is unwatchable, she is so screeching and annoying, and Tom Cruise has only gotten worse as you realize his "I'm a frothing nutbag" shtick is not really an act. Of course, the Amee Mann music was nice.

Crash was much more low key than Magnolia, and as a whole I liked the cast better (especially Don Cheadle, who I've loved since his days on Picket Fences.) Sandra Bullock, who I can't stand anyways, essentially plays the unwatchable Julianna Moore part, but at least she has less screen time. And I thought Ludacris has really charm and screen presence. Anyway, both my roommate and I watched the movie, without fast forewarding it once, and afterwords we both turned to one another and agreed it was a damn good movie. Lemme tell you, that don't happen too much.

Next reviews up: Robots, Alice & Darkness Light Darkness, and Godzilla Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

Also upcoming: All about my Xbox 360, more Layman Lego Project, my Christmas list, an announcement about my new comics gig, and Proof Your Are A Shithead If You Remotely Support George Bush.


.just.a.ghost. said...

I agree with the review, a good movie for all your points... enjoyed it... now did you see the movie by the same title but about people wanting to have sex with car crash victims?

TomB said...

See it? i bought the DVD! Holly Hunter never looked so good...

jason said...

I hated this movie! Acting was good but I don't need another story where all the characters are connected somehow. (yes, Lost is getting on my nerves) this was a boring, preachy version on "Short Cuts" w/ snow instead of an earthquake... And I don't need a 2 hr movie to tell me that everyone in LA is a racest bastard!

jason said...


Anonymous said...

i liked this movie from the waist down

josh narins said...

Freakin see "The Gristle"

Don't touch the box. Don't touch the promos, but see it. Get someone to pick it out from NetFlix for you, so you don't even see the Title art. You don't want to know anything about it before it starts.

Oh, except the movie is _not_ about race.

Haven't seen Crash or the animated robot movie.