Monday, October 09, 2006

FOR THE LADIES!: A 9-page Scarface #1 preview

Newsarama has posted nine pages of pasted-up, lettering up Scarface #1, coming in Dec. from IDW.

By the way, I'm done writing issue #3, and Dave Crosland and colorist Len O'Grady are hard at work on issue #2. And it looks AWESOME. (click for bigger picture.)


.just.a.ghost. said...

Looks great! Dave and Len are doing some good stuff! That double page spread you showed was amazing!

PS, I hate photo covers. Unless it is on a porn magazine. Then please, show me a photo. Lots of them. Doing bad bad things.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some boring azz shyt, you phucking phuck. What phucking phuck thought we needed a phucking scarface comic. That's phucking original. Hollywood phucks give us phucking comics and now comic phucks give us phucking hollywood. A phucking circle jerk of unimaginative phucking phucks. You phucking phucks should be making phucking kids' menus for denny's -- you know where joey the phucking squirrel has to find where the phucking creativity is phucking hidden. Don't phucking look in the Scarface comic, joey, it aint phucking there.
Can you sign my phucking copy?
the DeadEnd Kid