Sunday, November 26, 2006

Whither art Ruggles, you ax? Getting AWESOME, I answer.

So, not only have I not been blogging lately, but much to everybody's dismay, I have not be blogging about Ysera's most powerful Gnome Mage, the Mighty Ruggles. It's not because I've stopped playing WOW, it's just the I've reached "endgame," where, at level 60, I doing very hard dungeons over and over until the boss drops the right magical item or piece of armor. Anyway, last night, I got the last piece of the first tier of endgame Mage armor, the Magister Set.

Here is Ruggles, in all of his glory in stylish Magister wear. Not only that, but dig his Bloodcaller sword he got from killing Hakkar in ZG... the MOST POWERFUL SWORD IN ALL OF WARCRAFT. Plus, I spent a shitload of gold and got a +30 spell damage enchant to the sword and +20 fire spell damage to my gloves, so I am even MORE kick ass and all-powerful before.

The next step: Do an insanely hard dungeon where I have to rescue some chick in 45 minutes, which is part of a quest to upgrade my armor to the Sorcerer set... which is the next tier.


In full Magister Regalia. And carrying the deadly Bloodcaller!!!

Ruggles at Level 60. Romantically encumbered!

Ruggles at Level 55. Unstoppable.

Ruggles at Level 48. Sergeant!

Ruggles at Level 43. Natty!

Ruggles at Level 32. Deadly!

Ruggles at Level 10. Stylin'!

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Nice NOOB gear Layman