Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good news / bad news

Good news:My new apartment is 1/2 block away from an In and Out Burger

Bad news: I'm scared the peeing-on-carpet, wants-to-be-an-outdoor-cat, Reggie is not going to do well in a yardless, 1000 square foot, only-allows-two-cats apartment with 3 other cats, two humans, a ton of stuff, and one little kid.

I am absolutely terrified.

I'm worried I'm made a decision that will set into events that will lose my very best friend.

I feel like the world is ending.


Mary E. Brickthrower said...

:( Losing a cat due to moving circumstances is just about the worst feeling in the world. I am keeping my fingers crossed for ya that everything works out !!! =)

.just.a.ghost. said...

Since Mary E. Brickthrower talk about the cat, I will talk about the IN 'N OUT!!!!!!! I love it, I am going to have one very soon just to pretend that I am having it with you!

See you in a month!!!!!!

Brandon Jerwa said...

I predict that one month of close proximity to In-N-Out Burger will result in a John Layman with the physique of a Rubik's Cube. ;)

Anonymous said...

You need to get a new best friend. Maybe a designer cat?

Check it out here. You can walk this cat on a leash and it's about 30 lbs!

nout said...

I personally, would do ANYTHING to keep my cats. We're in the opposite situation right now, moving from a flat to a hous /w yard. Hope my 2 kats adapt ok.
be seeing you
(btw, thank you! for icanhascheezburger! I'm hooked like nothing!)

Anonymous said...

That stinks! Reggie is awesome. What a hard decision to make. Not sure if I could decide that.

Good luck with it. I hope it works out.


beta ray steve said...

Maybe you could do like an "American Idol" to see which cat gets left behind. I'd call it "Catmerican Idol".

Chris Burnham said...

If I wasn't worried about Reggie peeing on *my* carpet, I'd offer to give him a home. But man...if he started peeing in my house and my cats figured, "Hey, this is COOL!!" I'd be one pissed cat owner and then I'd be relocating to the Bay area and moving in to your already cramped place.