Saturday, June 30, 2007

THREE new iPhones?!?!!? I can't believe it!

Dear Apple,
Thank you for sending me THREE free iPhones. I appreciate it, but I think you are going a bit overboard. I suspect there may be people who read this blog who don't even have one iPhone. I think that is sad. I pity those people. In fact, I wish I knew somebody who didn't have an iPhone. What in the world am I going to do with three?!?!


Superfrankenstein said...

I waited in line all day for my iPhone and when I got to the counter I was $3.00 short! I FORGOT ABOUT THE SALES TAX!

Really depressing.

Wil you call me on one of your iPhones so I can at least TALK to one?

Brandon Jerwa said...

Your current blog title honors me in a way that your clumsy handjobs could never muster.

Anonymous said...

Do you by any chance have an extra iCunt?

Chris Burnham said...

He should prove he has all these iPhones by taking pictures of Reggie peeing next to them in the litter box.