Friday, August 10, 2007

James Nadiger at the bookstore!

Sweaty man scuttles up to the front desk.

SWEATY MAN: How much is that copy of The Mint in that display case?

JNADIGER: It's $74.95. Says here it's a first UK Edition.

SM: Let me see it.

JN: Since it's a pricey book, I'm going to hold it and show it TO you.

JN (inside his head): Particularly when you look like sketchy fucking weirdo.

SM: What? Fine. Show me inside the dust jacket. Show me that back page. Now let me smell it.

JN: What?

SM: Let me smell the book.

JN: *holds the book up to the guy's face.*

SM: No, no. If I can't handle the book AND smell it, I won't be buying it.

JN: Okay. Well. Better luck next time, then.

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