Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SHOCKER!!! Layman admits paternity!!!!

LOS GATOS, California (Reuters) -- Comic writer/blogger John Layman publicly acknowledged on Friday having fathered a child out of wedlock with Spice Girls alternate singer "Churro Spice," who brought a paternity suit against him earlier this week.

A brief statement issued by Layman's publicist said the 49-year-old writer of "Sentinel Squad O*N*E" and the "Dark Xena" comic books "always has and will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father."

"Mr. Layman acknowledges paternity of the child Carter, and has paid child support as well as covering the expenses of the pregnancy."

The statement concluded by saying Layman "views this as a private matter, and as such, will not be making any further comments about it."

Layman had never publicly acknowledged paternity before.

Suit was filed against Layman in Los Gatos Superior Court on Wednesday, seeking to legally establish his paternity and seeking unspecified child support for the 8-month-old boy.

A DNA test in June confirmed that Layman is the father of Carter Zane "Reggie Junior" Layman, who was born in December. The couple dated last year and "Churro," 23, an alternate member of the British pop music phenomenon, listed Layman as the father on the child's birth certificate.


Brandon Jerwa said...

In an equally shocking turn of events, the child has issued a statement DENYING the Mighty Layman's claim of parentage.

In a prepared statement, the young man spoke his first words:

"Dear god, anyone but him."

Anonymous said...

In even more shocking breaking news, a video tape of that night has popped up on the internet... the media is calling it "One night in Layman" or if you are on the street, "creamed filled churro", but that is not the shocking news.

In the video you can clearly see The Mighty Layman screaming the words "The way we do it, we can't have kids". This raises questions about exactly what did go on that night, and who is Reggie Junior's father???

Anonymous said...

Stop pimpin' that baby!

Anonymous said...

I have a big load of DNA I'd like you to test as well, please.