Thursday, January 03, 2008

My 2007 Xmas present constructed --and MORE!

A rare mis-step for Lego. I broke my own self imposed rule, that I only buy Star Wars Legos that are A) from the classic original trilogy and B) canon. That is, no made-up bullshit. But the idea of a TIE fighter that doubled as a tank was freaking irresistible to me.

Sadly, this set broke Lego's #1 rule, that building it should be fun. There were simply too damn many of the same parts, and by the end of the first wing/tread thingie, I was bored and dreading building the second. Lego should have used the one-piece plastic tread the use for their digger, and other construction equipment, and it would have made the set a little less cool, but way less tedious to build, and it also would have kept the price point way below the ridiculous asking price of $50. At this price, the only people buying it are Star Wars Lego completists, suckers, and people like me who can't resist the idea of a TIE fighter tank hybrid.

I was a little annoyed at Lego, but today I got the new catalog in the mail, and there are no less than four new sets that I HAVE to have.

So all is forgiven, Lego. Meesa wuv you again!

Also, as long as we are here, check out some new additions to The Layman Lego Project:


Katie K said...

dude where the FUCK have I been...drowning in my own stress moved a mere 30 min from me and I had noooo idea!!! We need to hang out soon so I can meet Layman Jr. who is ridiculously adorable btw!!! I'm making a new comic right now among 15 other projects...comics labor of love!

Katie K said...

oh and I have missed your blog...thank god you are back ;)and so am I xoxo