Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wherefore art Layman? Beset by computer woes and calamity!

Well, shit, here's another New Year's resolution down the tubes. You know, I meant to blog every day, but with a kid and a job, and trying to play Warcraft and write on the side, this damn blog is just falling through the cracks, and I apologize.

Plus, I had some big computer problems that sidelined me recently. I was all ready to post a bunch of cool pictures on the web, but first I updated to Apple Leopard --not knowing the new MAC OS is ABSOLUTELY incompatible with Photoshop 7. I don't have a spare $700 around for the new Photoshop, and didn't have the connections to steal it, so I reinstalled Panther onto my Mac.... BIG MISTAKE... I ended up losing a ton of stuff, and I had all sorts of headaches. In the end, I got most of it back, except for the music. I have it all on disc, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to move it all over.

Anyway, that's why I have not blogged recently. As a reward to you, all my breathless fans who check back here every day. Here is a picture of Bumble Buzz. Sometimes I'm so busy adoring Reggie I forget that Bumble Buzz is an big ol' fuzzy sweetie too!

P.S.: I ended up going the legal route, buying Photoshop Elements and installing it on all my computers. It's like Photoshop for dummies, but it pretty much has the same features, at least for my purposes.

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