Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Layman '09. Post NYCC. Back from the dead?

So... I got back from New York Comic Con yesterday, and had the best con in recent memory. Just a damn good time, invigorating, and the polar opposite of a lot of cons I've been in the past, particularly San Diego.

A big difference, certainly, is I'm not hovering around DC and Marvel, there's no expectation or hope of work, so I was just able to enjoy things, getting to the con late, dining with friends, drinking with friends --though not quite to the excess that I have in years passed. I stayed with friends in Brooklyn, which feels decidedly lower key than Manhattan.

I didn't buy much at the show, but I never do. My big fanboy moment was buying 2 copies of Julia Wertz's "The Fart Party," a collection of my favorite web comics.

I did miss out seeing a couple friends, Troy and John C. in particular, which was a bummer, but, overall, it was just a great show, and I really enjoyed seeing everybody I got to see and hang out with. Highlights? Seeing a filming of the Colbert Report; an Afghani dinner with Turkish coffee followed by good conversation in a sake bar with a good friend and one of my all-time favorite colorists; CB Cebulski's all-star party, too goddamned packed but it was nice to see practically every single person in the comics industry in one place; a Southern Mexican meal of really bizarre Mexican food; and then just chilling in the airport playing Warcraft on free wi-fi and running into some other friends and getting a quick drink with them. Even my down-time was good, as Battlestar G and Lost, which I was able to watch on my laptop, were particularly good last week.

I also showed around my upcoming comic book around the show. Yep, I said "upcoming comic book." If for no other reason, I'll probably be blogging more as a result of that.

See you around, suckahs.

Oh... p.s.: Photos by Alan Passallaqua

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