Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On sale last week: Tek Jansen #4

Remember when I used to have comic books coming out all the time? Yeah, me too. Those days are coming back, ladies, mark my words.


Owen Gieni said...

John, we should start up Good Behavior again as a once a week webcomic, it could be like a blog/promotion for your other books or something. First issues almost finished anyway, plus I've got colors taken care of as well as a sort of built in webcomic fanbase. Drop me an email at and I'll show you some of my new stuff. I would have written earlier but I was busy being a drunkard for a year or so, you know how these things are. Now I do three pages a day (mostly) and only get hammered once a week! Time for a re-collaboration!

Jenilynn said...


Dana lost your card. Do me a flavor and email me at either or

Muchas Thanks!

Jenilynn aka HyperJen