Friday, May 06, 2005


We're currently waiting for Darlene to cast her perhaps deciding vote for the final eLAYMANation of week. The way things stand, there are two votes for Ollie and two for Marcus, meaning both of their sorry asses gets the boot. Diego has a half-vote, meaning Darlene, the final vote, holds his fate in her hands. Or she can simply cast a meaningless half-vote for somebody else and Diego stays. What will she do?

In the meantime, Laymamerican Idol has been ROCKED by a revelation from Hannibal Tabu. As you know, at Laymamerican Idol, we pride ourselves on accuracy and precision, and there is nothing in the world more important to us. Imagine our shock and dismay when Hannibal corrected us, saying his blog "The Operative Net," is indeed not called "The Operative Net" at all. "The Operative Net," is simply the name of his website, and the blog's name is "Soapdish."

Hannibal, who writes about films in a column at CRB called The Real to Real Comic Rap, clearly must be infatuated with Sally Field, to so lovingly name his blog after her 1991 comedy masterpiece of the same name. Here's what the Internet Movie Database has to say about "Soapdish:" "Celeste Talbert has been the queen of the soaps for over two decades. Montana Moorehead needs to get her out of her way before she can move on and begins her program to get her to leave. She hires an old boyfriend of Celeste to be on the show and has Celeste become a murderer in the script, but each attempt has unforseen consequences."

Glad I could clear that up. Thanks for the correction, Hannibal.

Anyway, here's a picture of the happy couple. Yes, Sally, Hannibal really, reeeaally likes you.

Disclaimer: I fully expect to someday be murdered for this post.


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying it's a threat -- I'll call it a promise. There will be a reckoning.

Darlene said...

Due to unplanned circumstances I was delayed in casting my vote.

Darlene said...

My hair is now dry and my vote has been cast.