Thursday, May 05, 2005




Last week the gaunlet was thrown down with an immunity challenge, stating that anybody who successfully performed an IRON PHOTOSHOP challenge would be immune from eLAYMANation. However, what we did not tell you is that this is actually a reward as well. Every participant gets a half-vote against another competitor. That is, if two immune contestants vote for the same person on the chopping block, their ass is grass. Anyway, here is the contest, and the contenders.

Baby DeSantis

Eric DeSantis' entry:

Information Overlord's entry:

David Baron's entry:

Neal Pozner's entry:

Darlene A's entry (Burning Kitchen blog only):
The dingo ate my baby

And Tom B Long, who isn't even in the competition, but who frequents this board with profane responses, offered this:

So... this means everybody who is immune has a day to vote (in the comments section below), and I'll tally the responses tomorrrow. Please judge people on the chopping block by the content of their blogs in the past week, or boot them if you think they are a threat, or if you simply don't like them.

IMMUNE (and elegible to vote:)
and TOM B. (for participating)

Maki Yamane's Trauma Queen

John Oak Dalton

Hannibal Tabu's The Operative Net

Mary E, aka Mary Brickthrower aka Mary the Wretched aka Sadie Hex's blog, How The Wretched Live.

Owen Giani's Sore Thumbs

Crazy Marcus' The Long and the Short of It,

Digio's As Mayor of This Town

James Nadiger's I Blame the Internets

Ollie Hearts Crickets

Happy voting, suckahs!


Ann Thrope said...

Well it's pretty obvious who should be voted off here. Marcus gets my vote. His blog was entertaining, and he was a good sport about all of this, but he doesn't have a blog anymore. That alone should remove him from the competition.

TomB said...

Damn, i really want to vote off Neal but he has immunity, something he wishes he had last time he ran down to Tiajuana (I warned him some hookers look like girls but hang like boys). So, lets vote off that silly little lizard. Time for evolution to take its course and squash the little guy.

.just.a.ghost. said...

I agree with Tom B. I would rather lose to a no blog, than a lizard's blog. No hard feelings Ollie, but we have the Geico lizard, and one lizard is enough.

"crusher" said...

please note: that is two-half votes (one whole vote) for Ollie and one-half vote for Marcus.

You can no longer vote for Ollie; he has been eLAYMANated.

However, Darlene, Eric and Neal can still vote for other people on the chopping block.

Judd Winick said...

"Tiajuana?!?!" Where is that place? It's Tijuana, you retard.

TomB said...

"Tiajuana?!?!" Where is that place? It's Tijuana, you retard."

Sorry, i can't type for shit. But thanks for pointing it out, cock-master(must be one of hte he/shes i mentioned.) If we ever meet i'll be happy to buy you a C-E-R-V-E-Z-A, but no sexo for me, thanks.

N. J. Pozner said...

Kill the lizard!

Ollylain said...

Geez. I don't even know why Ollie's blog was in this competition anyways and he was so easy to pick on. It's like picking on the black man.


Edco said...

I'm voting Digio's "As Mayor of this Town" just to stir things up.

I thot Crazy Marcus was already out??? No blog, plus he's, like Jay Z in the range, crazy and deranged, they can't figure him out they like "hey is he insane?"

Anonymous said...

Had to check out the lizard's blog and that chick that's on the site is fucking hot. I would love to spend a night with her and I would even pay.

Ollylain said...

I'm going to follow pretty boy's lead and vote Digio's "As Mayor of this Town" out as well.

N. J. Pozner said...

Just to there's no confusion, I switched my vote to Marcus after it was pointed out that the Lizard already accumulated enough votes to be elaymanated.