Monday, October 03, 2005

NEAL'S DRUNKEN MONDAY NIGHT CONFESSIONAL: I have a throbbing man-crush on Dr. Bashir.

You know, maybe it's those three blackberry wine coolers I just drank, but I have the most intense man-crush on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Dr. Bashir. Keep in mind I am straight. Very straight. More straight than Axel Rose, Rock Hudson and Jack Nicholson*** all rolled into one. Nonetheless, there is something about repeats of Star Trek Deep Space Nine that has me utterly captivated, and I think it's those dreamy eyes of Dr. Bashir, and his witty banter with Chief Engineer Miles O'Brien.

I know Layman thinks differently. While I still mainst DS9 is the all-time greatest sci-fi series in the history of the Universe, Layman's new great love is Battlestar Galaga, on the Sci-Fi channel. The cliffhanger ending to half-season 2 was, like, three weeks ago, and Ol' Layman still can't get enough of how they took a pretty goofy video game from 20 or more years ago and made it into one of the most intelligence and nuanced sci-fi shows to hit the TV scene since, well, maybe since EVER.

Battlestar Galaga Season One, along with it's four-hour pilot mini-series, is recently available on DVD, and Layman is looking forward to catching some of the Season One episodes he missed before he discovered how 100% freaking kick-ass this show is.

I --Neal J. Pozner-- tried watching Battlestar Galaga a while ago, but it proved too much for my delicate constitution. I decided I should still to DS9 reruns, and --on those occations when I want to throw caution to the wind-- an occational Golden Girls repeat.

Thank you again for your time and kind patronage. Hopefully, Layman will make a triumphant return to blogging very soon. Everybody tells me I am wearing out my welcome.

With polite regards,
Neal J. Pozner.

***but not Jack Nicklaus.

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