Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No blogging for a while

I've been really sick, and kinda depressed lately, and haven't felt like blogging. I've had the same sickness that's been reoccuring about every other week know, and think I have some sort of viral infection. I really should see a doctor, but various deadlines are looming and I leave for a Chicago tomorrow so there is no time.

I've also been playing the hell out of World of Warcraft, which is the Single Greatest Thing On The Face of the Planet. I you happen to be in the Llane Realm as see a bad-ass 18-level Gnome Rogue name Poggles, be sure and say hello-- if you dare!


Tom said...

Feel better, Crusher.

Benjamin Adams said...

Bah. Play D&D Online. You know it's your roots, man.