Thursday, March 23, 2006

Recent Layman "goodness"

On sale this week:

On sale last week:

with variant cover:

on sale week before last:


Mark said...

I blame you for how bad I suck at Metroid Prime: Hunters. It *must* be the story's fault I can't beat other people in multiplayer.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back at the blog. Missed it when you went away. Saw SENTINEL SQUAD 1 #1 got some good numbers, very cool.


Benjamin Adams said...

Dude. YOU wrote the story for Metroid Prime: Hunters? I hope you're getting a percentage!

Jess said...

oh man! i bought hunters the other day and i had NO IDEA you were on the writing staff. that's freaking awesome, cuz i love the game!!!!! If it helps any, instead of doing work during class, i'm playing the game. :P and people look at me funny when i scream out YES! YOU GOT PWNED MOFO!