Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life with a girlfriend: DAY 4

Not only do I have a girlfriend, but apparently so does Ruggles. Being Level 60 gets all the chicks!

So, yeah... anyway, not only do I spend every frickin' waking hour of reality with my new girlfriend, I adventure with her character in World of Warcraft.

Not sure how much longer I can take this togetherness stuff. And that goes for Ruggles, too!

Ruggles at Level 60. Romantically encumbered!

Ruggles at Level 55. Unstoppable.

Ruggles at Level 48. Sergeant!

Ruggles at Level 43. Natty!

Ruggles at Level 32. Deadly!

Ruggles at Level 10. Stylin'!

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