Friday, August 18, 2006

Life with a girlfriend: DAY 5 --the end is in sight

Blackberries are in season, and yesterday me and my girlfriend walked to the park, holding hands, and picked a bunch (they grow wild all over Seattle.) Later we mixed them up with vanilla ice cream and ate 'em, and it was pretty good.

But, oh, Jesus Christ, this monogamy thing is getting monotonous. I think I was destined to be a single man, a carefree bachelor leading the wild life.

I think tomorrow I give my girlfriend her walking papers.

3 comments: said...

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BachelorTodd said...

Found this site from Rob's Blog. Good stuff! You and I are kindred spirits... I gave my live in girlfriend her walking papers a month or so ago. Best thing I ever did.

J.R. LeMar said...

Dang. That's kind of messed up. Dumping a chick is fine, but you should tell her first before you announce it on a blog. Sheesh. That's all I'm sayin.'