Sunday, December 10, 2006

Layman movie Review: EQUILIBRIUM

On the other hand, I enjoyed this movie probably a lot more than I should have. Basically, it was a complete rip-off of 1984 but with some over-the-top Matrix style gun-fighting. Christian Bale excells as another dour, tightly wounded facist, this one who slowly goes off his meds after seeing his partner Borimir breaks future-society's #1 rule... to have emotions. Anyway, it was kinda dopey, but I'm a sucker for dystopian futures (especially since we live in one!)

Was a hell of a lot better than boring-ass, pretensious-ass Stuperman.

Oh, by the way, I put Equilibrium on my Netflix coz somebody on this blog told me to. Feel free to chime in with other reviews, of shit you've seen that you think I might like.


Chairman said...

All things Park Chan-Wook.

Oldboy, Sympatathy For Lady Vengance, Sympathy For Mr. Vengance, and JSA.

Anonymous said...

I think Orwell got a lot of his ideas for1984after reading We by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

I have no idea what you might like in the movie department, and I couldn't recommend anything anyway as all I've seen lately is crap.