Friday, December 15, 2006

Layman movie Review: KAMIKAZE GIRLS


I swear, this may have turned out to be my favorite movie of 2006 (even though it was released in Japan in 2004.) You ever see a movie you just KNOW you are gonna love in the first 20 seconds? Yeah, it was like that. I LOVED this thing from begining to end. Not only that, you know how I usally watch movies at double speed to get through the mediocre shit? Not only did I NOT watch this at double speed, but I "rewound" like a dozen times to watch scenes over a second time. And the whole time I was watching it, I was eager to watch it again... and again!


Sorta like a Japanese "Amelie" but instead of a shy French chick finding love, it's about an insanely cute Japanese outcast girl finding a best friend. She's a self-imposed loner obsessed with dressing in frilly, crazy-ass dresses from the Roccoco period, who slowly makes friends with a scooter-riding "biker gang" chick. Lots of weird, wildly inventive flights of fancy, characters breaking the fourth wall, animated sequences, great use of color, and just general craziness. I'm gonna buy this movie the first chance I get. It totally belongs in the permanent collection.

And not only to I recommend it to everybody, but I'm going to make it REQUIRED viewing for the following people:
Charlie Chu.
James Nadiger.
And Eric DeSantis (though a degenerate Asian-fetish perv like Eric might like it a little TOO much, I fear.)


Anonymous said...

where might one find this film? -tv

danny black said... - Amazon (US)

jnadiger said...

I'll have my local indie DVD rental type place track a copy down.