Thursday, January 04, 2007

On sale today: SCARFACE #1

Fuckin' IDW!!

I can't believe how good this book looks. I got an advance copy last week and my jaw has been on the floor ever since. This is without a doubt the best looking book I've ever done, made even better not just by Dave Crosland's insane art and Len O'Grady's memorizing and note-perfect 80s-Miami color scheme, but production values that are simply beyond amazing.

Usually I just tell you what is out, and leave it up to you to decide to buy it (or, more likely, NOT buy, ya cheap fuckers.) But this book you really need to go out and buy. It's freaking gorgeous, and except for one dumb typo that slipped through, as close to the perfect comic I've done.

Plus, I've seen art for issue #2, #3 and #4... it only gets better.


Here's the cover gallery:

Standard Crosland cover and photo cover

Rare wraparound "Dvd homage" Crosland cover and
rare wraparound photo cover

Also: I hereby dedicate this book to the memory of my dear departed friend Eric DeSantis. I wish he would have lived long enough to see this book. He would have loved it!

Maybe he's reading it in Heaven!


Tom said...
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Tom said...

I know Eric's memory is precious and everything, but I'm a little hurt that you're not remembering me.

I, too, tasted life.

And I like to think I made a difference.