Friday, March 16, 2007

And on this day, a (Lay) Man did ascend to Godhood

Actually, it was two days ago.

GOD OF WAR II is out, and it kicks every bit as much ass as the first game. Holy mother of god, I forgot how much fun this game could be, not to mention the sheer scale of action and the magnitude of hyper-violence. I'll keep you posted on Layman-Kratos' development.

For the record, God of War is one of my top five all-time console games. The complete list is:

1) The GTA games
2) God of War
3) Beyond Good and Evil
4) Psychonauts

and, uh, one other, surely, which is slipping my mind.

5.) Oh, yeah.. .Karamari Damacy... but only Katamari I, because 2 kinda sucked.

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Safety said...

I love Psychonauts, i wish they would make a second one.