Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Layman's next killer comic announced!!

For immediate release—

Popular comic book writer John Layman, writer of best-selling comic books such as Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness, Steven Colbert’s Tek Jansen, Scarface and Sentinel Squad O*N*E, revealed his next project today, a graphic novel adaptation of O.J. Simpson’s hypothetical tell-all book If I Did It.

“As anybody who knows me can tell you, I’m just wild about sports, and I’m a huge fan of The Juice. Of all my many sports heroes, Simpson is the one guy I would probably literally kill to work for,” Layman explained.

“I think originally OJ was looking for a bigger name writer,” Layman continued, “to bring more big-name firepower to the project, but the deadline was murder, and it was very important to get a writer who was willing to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. That certainly describes the type of writer I am, so I thought I’d take a stab at it.”

A veteran of a variety of licensed projects and adapted work, Layman explained the format of the graphic novel. “Simpson and I decided the story would work best if we chopped up the novel into chapters, and released it as a series of prestige format one-shots. For OJ and myself, the goal is to make the best comic book possible, one that stands out in this crowded marketplace as a cut above the rest.”

Layman has announced the part of the proceeds to If I Did It: The Graphic Novel will go toward the ongoing investigative effort to find the real killers.


Superfrankenstein said...

I can't believe you're doing this. This is really awful.

Have you thought about the children Nicole Brown Simpson left behind? How do you suppose they feel about this? And what about the Brown family?

And who's getting the money? Are you and your publisher splitting it with the killer? Has he paid a nickel of the money the civil court said he owes the Browns--the civil court that convicted him of murder??

This is really low, John. I'm upset.

Tina Anderson said...


Anonymous said...

You make me sick. I hope you're on a hike, alone and miles away from anyone, and get appendicitis. God damn you.

TomB said...

Have you thought about the children Nicole Brown Simpson left behind?

What a weak justification for your argument against this wonderful high-exposure opportunity Layman has procured.

Are you forgetting that they are OJ's children as well? He needs to provide for their future as a single parent now that their mother has gone and got herself killed running around with some pretty boy waiter. He's got to comeup with their college tuition somehow now that the greedy mustache-man got 12 dim-wits eager for a book deal to take OJ's money away.

Civil courts can't convict anyone of anything, they can only issue a best guess and hand out some cash.

Superfrankenstein said...

Admire OJ all you want, tomb -- you have the freedom to worship as you choose -- but you have to admit that John Layman is evil.

TomB said...


Well on that, you and I are in total agreement.

Spirit of OJ be with you.

Paul G. said...

Is OJ the guy that got his penis cut off? Is the book about how he would have cut it off? How long could that book be?

All I did was take a rubber band and wrapped it around my penis as many times as I could. Then I just walked around with it like that and it fell off. It didn't even hurt. Took like a day.

I guess that would make a great graphic novel. When is it stores?

Anonymous said...

Really, who hasn't wanted to kill a waiter? The chick? Hey, collateral damage happens. I think entire continents could be wiped out if it meant the Mighty Layman could pursue his art. It's not like he sold his soul to Satan; it was the souls of Reggie and his baby -- and no kid is gonna need a soul in America in 10 years.

SweetZombieJebus said...


I can't believe that you're actually going to be doing this. I also can't believe that the injunction against the book doesn't protect against this sort of thing. It's despicable to think that there are those wiling to kill to help this man.

Yes, his kids need support, but let the father get a real job or do something other than this. It's in horrible taste. I personally hope that the Goldman family steps in and stops this too.

It's grotesque...