Thursday, May 31, 2007

check it out! I won a "Bloggo"

Taken from the N.A.A.A. press release:

The North American ArtBloggers Association has named winners of their annual “Bloggo” awards, citing John Layman’s “Bollah Blog” ( with a special judges’ award for “Pop Culture Excellence.” This year`s 14 winners, chosen as the best in art-related internet blogging for 2006, were named in a ceremony that took place at Calgary’s Museum of New Media Arts.

Layman's blog beat out four other finalists for the award, which is given to the blog that best offers a regular stream of commentary, observations and wit. “Comic book writer John Layman’s blog is an always exciting mixture of oddball and sometimes surreal humor, self-promotion, deft commentary and unpredictable whimsy,” explained Ronald R. Hansen, co-founder of N.A.A.A., and organizer and judge of the Calgary-based ArtBlogger’s 7th annual “Bloggo” awards.

The N.A.A.A Board is a 15-member group, comprised of art critics, internet industry executives and experts in culture and the arts, that judges the entries. Selection is made by the board following review by special screening committees of Calgary University faculty, students and staff. The N.A.A.A. is an organization devoted to the enrichment of society through art, utilizing both new and traditional media.


Brandon Jerwa said...

On this, the day of my very first blog post, I pledge to aspire to such lofty heights.

Only you, John. Only you.

.just.a.ghost. said...

Congrats! Looks like you are your own Laymamerican™!!!!

Superfrankenstein said...

They told me I won the Bloggo.

Then they asked for my PayPal password.

And I gave it to them.

mirror-me said...

well done! n keep going ;p