Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Layman move review: THE CUBE

A couple folks recommended this after I spoke so gushingly of HELLELEVATOR (which was not so awesome in the second viewing, but still pretty damn good.)

And I think it is safe to say, even though THE CUBE and HELLEVATOR are fairly different, they are similar enough to describe the THE CUBE is Cana-duh's version of HELLEVATOR. That is, a bunch of strangers stuck together in a close-confines, and we slowly get to know everybody, and not everybody is who they appear to be--and pretty soon people start winding up dead.

Of course, the primary difference IS that THE CUBE is from Canada, which means everybody is far more polite than they need to be. Everybody is vaguely funny-looking, like all Canadians, and nobody has a very thick head of hair, just like my strange Candian poster boy, James Nadiger . In the Cube, a half dozen people are going from one square room to another, looking for a way out, and avoiding deathtraps. But, like I said, because it's Canadian, even the deathtraps are polite, and a soothing voice will come on ten second before the trap is sprung and say "kindly step away from the flame throwers," "please beware of the death lasers," and "oh, do be so good as to avoid the poison gas." And then everybody curtsies delicately before they run from the particular deathtrap.

Anyway, this movie kept me entertained, even as I updated my ipod and futzed around with my CDs, deciding what old crap should be put onto the iPod (tonight winners; Sisters of Mercy's Floodland, Barry Black's Tragic Animal Stories and Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse In Reason. Sorry those aren't particularly "cool" or "edgy," but I'm got more then 3500 songs loaded up now, so the good stuff was put on long ago.) Usually about halfway through a movie I put it on double speed and read the subtitles, but this held my interest enough I didn't have to (also, because it is Canadian, the DVD did not have a subtitle option--lame!) I only fast-forwarded once--during a scary part, because I'm a great big fucking puss.

Anyway, six people enter the cube. A jerk, a prison-escapee, a math nerd, an engineer, a doctor and a retard. It's a Canadian movie, so of course you can be sure the retard will live.

Next up on the Netflix que:
The Cube 2
The Missouri Breaks
and something else I forget.

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