Sunday, January 15, 2006

SuperLAYMANstein's... The News Explained in Kitty-Cat Pictures

Some time ago, Tom Peyer, in his derivative SUPERFRANKENSTEIN blog, poached one of my ideas, and turned it into a regular weekly item on his own blog, THE NEWS EXPLAINED IN COMIC BOOK COVERS, which is featured both on his blog and the comic book news site THE PULSE.

Anyway, in the interest of keeping faithful readers of this blog entertained and informed, here is the "News Explained" feature as it was meant to be seen, before Mr. Peyer perverted into a grotesque parody.

Deadly U.S. Attack in Pakistan Targets Al Qaeda No. 2

Socialist favored as Chile votes for president

Cinema backflip over cowboy love story

Study confirms sleep essential for creativity

An overweight nation grows more accepting of obesity

Greenpeace and Japanese whaling standoff escalates

Two snowmobilers missing in Montana

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Wainwright & Wainwright LLP said...

John Layman:

I am attorney with the law firm of Wainwright & Wainwright LLP, which has been retained by SUPERFRANKENSTEIN. I am attaching a cease and desist letter relating to the "SuperLAYMANstein's... The News Explained in Kitty-Cat Pictures" entry posted on your blog for Sunday, January 15, 2006. I urge you to read the attached letter so that you may take any and all appropriate actions.

Best regards.
Drake Huntington

Wainwright & Wainwright, LLP
Attorneys at Law
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Washington, DC 20004-2415
tel 202.293.0100
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January 16, 2003


John Layman
Re: Unauthorized Use and Disclosure of Intellectual Property

Dear Layman:

Our law firm serves as counsel to SUPERFRANKENSTEIN, owner of all intellectual property rights to The News Explained With Comic Book Covers. Through Blackboard's extensive and continuous use and promotion of this product and other systems, SUPERFRANKENSTEIN'S mark is recognized around the world, and its intellectual property has acquired substantial good will.

It recently has come to SUPERFRANKENSTEIN'S attention that you have posted a wholly derivative work, "SuperLAYMANstein's... The News Explained in Kitty-Cat Pictures," on your blog for Sunday, January 15, 2006. Moreover, its text prominently featured the claim that SUPERFRANKENSTEIN "poached" the idea from you and "turned it into a grotesque parody."

SUPERFRANKENSTEIN hereby requests that you immediately cease and desist from appropriating his private intellectual property and repeating the claims noted above, or any facilitation of those appropriations and claims, including but not limited to, transmission on your blog, Mighty Layman Bollah-quafina My Lego Cats With Danger. SUPERFRANKENSTEIN also requests that you immediately cease and desist from any facilitation of the use of its name and marks in any manner, and that you remove all references to SUPERFRANKENSTEIN from any website, power point presentation, seminar handouts, or any other promotional materials, and that you refrain from any use of such marks.

If you fail to comply with these requests, SUPERFRANKENSTEIN will have no choice but to proceed in a manner appropriate to protect his good name and valuable intellectual property rights.

Drake Huntington