Friday, January 13, 2006

Laymerican Idol: THE FINAL TALLY!!!!


A few weeks ago, this blog started a feature known as Layamerican Idol, in which case 20 bloggers of varying degrees of talent, from the uber-awesome to the laughably bad, were rated, and, one-by-one, E-LAYMAN-ATED. After the blood has dried and the dust has settled, it seems clear that there is only one true blogger worthy of the coveted crown of Laymamerican Idol, and that is the sweet little Canadian blogger known as James ("Jimmy") F. Nadiger.

He wins by quantity more than quality, posting sometimes upwards in 5 posts a day, and the vast majority of the time the posts are interesting, if not at least mildly interesting. To compare and contrast him to other runner's up: Unlike Eric DeSantis, James is not a shameless DC whore with ludacrisly bad taste in comics. Unlike, David Baron, with his endless parade of trashy goth skanks, James' harem has a clueless Canadian wholesomeness to them. Unlike Hannibal Tabu, James has not threatened to kill me, in the most violent ways possibly. And James is, (thank god!) simply unlike Neal Pozner.

So, in conclusion: the crown-prince of bloggers, and the proud winner of the 2005 coveted trophy for Laymamerican Idol, is James ("Jim-Bob") F. Nadiger's I Blame the Internets


One of James' "ladies"

James' toys

James' sweet little kitty cat

Next: The losers... where are they now?

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