Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ruggles hits 43!

And he is becoming quite a natty dresser, as I'm sure you will note.

Ruggles at Level 43. Natty!

Ruggles at Level 32. Deadly!

Ruggles at level 10. Stylin'!


Red Hot Mamma said...

What exactly is a "Ruggles"? He appears to be a cross between a hobbit and Gandalf. Or possibly feline fodder?

Anonymous said...

Red, he's a cute lil gnome that resides in the land of Azeroth.
He's quite a character, at best.

He makes me laugh each and every day and I'm ever grateful to have "crossed paths" with him.

He's so cute when he jumps down from his mighty steed to help a lady in distress. Quite the gentleman that Ruggles be.

Anonymous said...

Now about that Ruggles character....where do I start.

He does make an exquisite Elixir of Shadow Potion. The pungent musk of the ghost mushrooms weighs heavy on ones pallet. Quite delightful. Enjoy a bottle with marinated baked quail and some Cherry Pie to top this eloquent feast.

Don't hate him cuz he's a neo insane loonie lib. If you see him just hand him a box of fruit loops to get him through his tough days of self pity.

Guess who Ruggs ;)