Friday, September 08, 2006

Cat Tales of Woe II: The Seinfeld-ing of Layman

I'm not sure pictures do her justice, but Rufus is our cutest cat. She's the softest, and the noisiest, and the most personable. You can't pass by her without her squarking, and while the other cats cry and meow, you really get the sense that Rufus thinks she is communicating with you, and she always has to get the first and last word.

Oddly enough, Rufus will always be thought of as our least friendly cat, though this is not true. She likes to be petted, but it very claustrophic when she gets picked up. And she keep to herself the first couple years we had her.

Used to be we fed the cats wet food every Sunday as a treat, until we found out Batty had kidney problems and needed more liquid in her diet, so we switched over to giving them wet food every day. Well, turns out Rufus LOVES wet food, IAMs Ocean Fish, primarily, but most any IAMs, and she is totally finicky about everything else.

Her entire personality changed. Since we've been feeding her wet food daily, Rufus has become the friendliest cat. Affectoinate, loving. She still doesn't like to be picked up, but she has definitely gone from our least friendly cat to our most friendly.

A happy ending for our hero, right? Not to be.

It turns out stupid IAMs has discontinued the cat food she likes, and have switched to some mushy goo that NONE of our cats will touch. We've been buying all sorts of brands of wet food, but Rufus won't touch any of it. Just turns her head up and would rather eat dry food or go hungry.

So now, we've been taken to driving all over the place, to pick up the remaining OLD IAMs formula. Yesterday me and my girlfriend (so-to-be-EX!) both separately hit big jackpots, so we probably have enough to feed Ol' Rufus for another couple months, before she runs out of food she likes and gets pissed at us.

It is exactly like that Seinfeld where Elaine is buying up all the contraceptive spounges because a company stopped making them and she has to figure out who is "spounge-worthy." Except here we are dealing with cans of Ocean Fish cat food instead of contraceptive spounges.

Eye-yi-yi! Oh, the humanity!


Benjamin Adams said...

No "u" in "sponge." ;)

Dan said...

Same with me. My guys ate the old blue formula for their whole lives and won't touch the green formula stuff.