Friday, September 22, 2006

Layman movie review: ART OF THE DEVIL (Part II: where I actually talk about the movie)

Actually, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks, Dave!

I barely had to play it at double speed at all, which, as fans of my movie watching habits know, is how I get through movies, since my precious time is at such a premium.

Most of the gore came in the form of voodoo-cursed people puking outrageous amounts of blood, and there weren't really any overtly scarey or overly gorey moments (to be honest, the scariest part of the movie was the packaging.) The victimized Thai heroine looked kinda like a young Nerve Campbell, back when Nerve still had the glow of youth and potential to get more cute, not less. And what was really weird was the scary white kid they stuck in to freak everybody out. I've seen plenty of Asian horror movies and even their American rip-offs where there is some scary blank-faced, black-mouthed Asian kid used to scare the bejeezus out of you. Here, they used a little blond white girl, who was slightly cross-eyed with a pushed-in nose, who looked dangerously close to being an albino.

I'll probably netflix Art of the Devil II soon. I'm slowing a bit down on Warcraft at the moment, and watching movies again. At the behest of everybody on Earth, I'm gonna start watching The Wire, and see if it's as good as everybody has been saying.

Anyway, thanks again, David Baron. You really are the greatest. And he also co-hosts awesome parties at San Diego Con!!!

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Why isn't the "soon-to-be" Desperado making any appearances on this blog?