Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Bumble Buzz bloggin' "best-of" list.

Bumble Buzz was not the smartest cat, but she was absolutely loyal and single-minded in her devotion to me, sleeping next to my pillow every night for 15 years. To commemorate her sad passing, let's dig into the ol' blog archives and enjoy some of her adventures, misadventures and foibles.

Bumble Buzz gets cat acne

Bumble Buzz gets a cyst on her tail

Bumble Buzz gets her claw clipped

Bumble Buzz scared of ceiling fan

Bumble Buzz vs. Reggie

Bumble Buzz vs. Reggie Round II

Bumble Buzz as a 9/11 plotter?


kat truffaut said...

She's beautiful. (:

RossT said...

THe cats are cute! I love the book "Chew" Never read anything like it!!! Solid!!! :)

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Sweet smiles said...

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Anjali Bhavan said...

Aww, cute cat!