Friday, March 11, 2005

Big Week for the Layman

Sorry there's been no blogging for the last couple of days, my slobbering devotees, but I had to wrap up a pretty critical video game writing job, then I had to par-tay in celebration of it being done. Couple other things to celebrate, too, including two Layman comic releases this Wednesday:

Gambit; HOUSE OF CARDS TPB, collecting issue #1-#6

Gambit #8

As always, I'll post reviews in a couple of days once they hit.

Couple other things: My domination over the internets continues, at the comic book news site NEWSARAMA, with an article about Gambit, as well as a press release about Puffed. Yay!


N. J. Pozner said...

Life just hasn't been as enjoyable without a daily dose of Layman. The world's just a bit more gray around the edges and the food doesn't taste as sweet.

Anonymous said...

a day without layman is like a day without the digestive bacteria that break down my red vines into life giviing sustenance. It's an empty feeling, BUT my turds are less red.
P.S. there's no future in comics --try the newspaper business again-- if the sansabelt pants fit -wear em