Thursday, March 03, 2005

The iPod just officially jumped the shark

What's the only thing stupider and more asinine than a U2 Special Edition iPod?

That's right: A Revenge of the Sith Special Edition iPod. Take my word for it... it's coming soon:

Ug... and the only thing more crappy than that would be a Beatles iPod. We can only pray the remaining members of that crap-ass band die before Paul Macarthy can whore himself out any further.

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Tom said...

How about a Gambit's Ass iPod?

Rasmus said...

Don't give him any ideas Superfrankenstein.
You know he'll have the artist draw an iPod in Gambit's backpocket in his next script. As a terrible inside joke.

Mark said...

Paul McCartney bought all seven issues of comedy rape comic IDENTITY CRISIS off me on eBay, for a stupidly inflated price. And then bitched about how much the postage cost. That dude just doesn't have his priorities straight.