Monday, February 06, 2006

Layman Kitty-Cat review: RUFUS

Well, I let you imbeciles vote, and you were actually right. Rufus is arguably my favorite cat (tied with Reggie.)

She is our third oldest, which my roommate got from Escondido in 2000. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, where she appears as just any ol' black cat, but Rufus is by far our cutest cat. And, judging by her behavior, she knows it, because she is a big ham. She is also our most talkative cat, and if she sees you, she will try to talk to you, and then plop in front of you and then run away if you try to pick her up. She meows like crazy whenever I am on the phone. She is totally clastrophobic, and likes affection on her own terms. That is, if you pick her up, she'll act like you are just about committing bloody murder to her, and then be perfectly fine as soon as you set her down. She is very particular about her food, and turns her nose up at about half of what we give her. Whenever she eats she makes a little clinking noise with her collar on the food dish.

Every time Rufus goes out side she eats grass until she pukes. EVERY damn time.

She is also our softest cat. Last year she got a hairball impacted in her intestines so we had to give her kitty laxitive.

Rufus loves to snuggle with Batty, and lay on hot clothes that are just out of the laundry. She also LOVES the smell of bleach, and if we ever wipe down a table or countertop with a bleached-based clean, she will roll around on it in estacy.