Friday, February 03, 2006

PART 4: Nigerian email scam day 2: I feel like I am James Bond!

From Nigeria:
Dear John Layman,
I got this contact email address from my mum,Hajia
Mariam and she asked me to get across to you as
regards our transaction.She has told me that you are
in a position to help us carry out this transaction
and that you are willing to do so.I will intimate you
on the transaction as follows: The funds in question
is presently contained in 2 trunk boxes deposited with
a security company in Amsterdam,Netherlands but the
officials of the security company do not know the real
contents of the trunks.They feel that the trunks
contain personal effects and we shall keep it so until
i advise otherwise. We(my mum and i)need your
assistance in the sense that you will pose as the
beneficiary of the trunks and help us travel to the
Netherlands and pick up the trunks.You will keep them
safely for us until a time when we will meet with you
and share the contents as earlier agreed in my mums
first mail to you.Please note that we are putting a
lot of trust in you and we hope that you will not do
otherwise.We have been duped in the past by close
friends and relatives that have given out our
information to our government and hence we chose to do
this last one with a foreigner.I want you to please
call me on my telephone number: 234-1-8960448 or you
may call me on my cellphone number 234-803-4971585(it
is open 7 days a week and 24hours for this
transaction) and please when you call ask me for the
password and i will say AUGUST before any
conversation.If you do not hear this password,drop the
phone and try again later.This is only a security
check to make sure you are talking to the right
person.We must be very security conscious so as not to
jeopardise this transaction.I will provide you with
all the documents that will back you as the
beneficiary to the trunks okay.I will also remind you
that you keep this transaction very confidential as it
involves my family's last hope for survival.


N.B:In the event that you cannot travel,we can arrange
for the trunks to be freighted to you at your
location. Remember to keep this transaction very
confidential and known to only you for us to succeed
in our transaction.

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