Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And, lo, there is harmony in the universe.

I got a job!

I wrote a comical book!



Chris Burnham said...

Of the three, what pleases you most?

Anonymous said...

And to think, I knew ya when you were knee-high to a pair of steel-toed boots in Pacific Beach.

"Take my life, but not my beers, you ruffians."

An eloquent bastard, you were. A line that still lives on despite not being delivered by Michael Madsen in a skinny black tie under the direction of a still-hungry Tarantino. No, sir, you did it through the street, Vanilla Dice.

Sorry, you probably don't want your wife knowing the name the HO's affectionately gave you for your penchant for rolling over hearts of the bitches like an 83-year-old man with his foot stuck on the accelerator rolling over customers on the sidewalk of the farmers' market in a light blue Buick LeSabre. Style, Son.

Congrats on the job. I don't doubt that in a year's time you could be writing speeches for Hillary Clinton. As Norm McDonald once said. "Yeah."