Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh, Lord, why must I love the one I must hate?

As readers of this blog know, (especially eagle-eyed fans like "King S,") I was recently felled by one of Reggie's little whiskers, that made its way up my nose and nearly killed me.

Turns out, Reggie's reign of terror has just begun. Poor old Batty's eye has been oozing pus all week, and getting worse more than getting better. It was pretty clear that the ol' Bat was a victim to one of Reggie's claws.


Anyway, $135 dollars later, I have some medicine I now have to rub into Batty's eye every night. Ever try to rub medicine in a cat's eye? It's pretty much exactly what you would imagine. Anyway, dear readers, I know your thoughts and prayers are with Batty, and I will give her your kind regards.

As for Reggie, that little son of a bitch doesn't seem like he feels even remotely guilty for his crime. The little bastard!

Pictured below: aggressor with victim.
reggie and batty

1 comment:

one of us said...

You're right, doesn't seem to feel guilty at all...~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Typical cat...~Rodentia