Monday, July 11, 2005

Boy, am I ever sick of that dead chick in Aruba

Man, you would think this lame bitch held the cure to cancer or something, the way every network and news station continues to prattle on about poor missing Natalie (while making a fraction of the mentions of war dead.) Every non-white person in the Aruba has been arrested, and every square inch of the country and surrounding ocean been gone over with a fine-tooth comb, plus ol' Natalie's mom proving to be the most miserable, shameless media-whore since the Shiavos. Today's headlines on said "Jets find no sign of teen missing in Aruba."

You know, in case ol' Natalie sprouted wings or something.

Furthermore, why the hell is a football team searching for a missing girl in Aruba?! It's it almost pre-season or whatever? God, I hate sports fans!

Anyway, that's my two cents. I don't mean any blatant disrespect to Natalie's water-logged corpse, but god-damn if she isn't a smoke screen to all the real shit that's been happening in the world.

Sorry for not much blogging, by the way. I just got back from New York (the windy city!) and am gearing up for San Diego Con. I'll post my schedule when I hear from Marvel, but I'll likely be hanging out there, or Oni or IDW. You know... where all the kool kids hang!

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Tom said...

They killed Natalie and the Blue Beetle... is Layman next?