Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Layman Lego Project: Larry Potter

I have this friend, let's call him "Brandon," who is just absolutely crazy about Larry Potter. In fact, let's call him "Brandon Thomas." You don't have to sit in the same room with Brandon very long before he starts talking about Larry Potter (the boy wizard!) Brandon is obsessed. It's all he ever talks about, and he even took a job in a bookstore just so he could be NEAR Larry Potter books (note: I'm calling it "Larry" to avoid lawsuits from J.K. Rowlings, who no doubt already has a cease and desist against "Brandon.")

Anyway, with a new Larry Potter book just around the corner, I now present to you a super-deluxe edition of the beloved Layman Lego Project (just look how many votes it's gotten!) Anyway, here's my Larry Potter Lego collect, this one dedication to "Brandon Thomas."

Note: I wuz gonna post one book per day for maximum suspense, but seeing as how I'm gonna be in San Diego for Comic Con I'll just do it all in one chunk (and that way you dummies will mistake this for actual content!)

First book:
01.4712 hpotter troll

01.4723 Diagon Alley

01.4722 Gryffindor

01.4702 final challenge

01.4707 Hagrids Hut

Second book:
02.4731 Dobbys Release

02.4726 Quidditch

02.4735 Slytherin

Third book:
04.4751 marauders map

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a made up book.

Sorceror's Stone - who'd call it that :)

Mark - Professional Larry potter lookalike