Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bloody hell! Is it time already... for another Hall of H20 Hero?!?!?

Presenting world-famous comic book colorist and raconteur David Baron. David Baron enjoys refreshing Aquafina sparkling "Layman"-Lime flavored bottled water. His hands are powerful, yet gentle, and he has teeth so white you need sunglasses to be around him. He is also the king of the San Diego Scene, and what Hugh Hefner was to the Sexual Revelution of the 60s, David Baron is to skanky little MySpace tattooed and pierced chickedees in the 21th Century.

And he's a good person to have around if you are passed-out on a NYC subway at 4 a.m., too!

Also: his colors real purty too, don't he, on them thar funny books.


Tom said...

I saw Kate Moss snorting Aquafina at TGI Friday's.

Malcolm Jamal-Warner X said...

WTF is Hugo Reyes doing behind him?

Oh wait, that's a different fat guy.