Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Um... would you believe I did NOT hate this? I'm still in shock myself. There was no end to the amount of shit I gave my roommate for Netflixing this one, and I pointed her toward one abyssmal review after another. Simply to punish my roommate, who still cannot see what it obviously clear (that she should leave the Netflixing to me,) I put the movie on on my laptop and we watched it on a Labor Day trip to Northern California.

Don't get me wrong. The movie was not good. It was poorly written, it had a Christain adgenda, and I don't really fit in the demographic of mad, black, woman or diary-writer. But I'll admit, it had a few funny moments. And I just fast foward through the treacle and all the Jesus bits. The cross dressing gun toting grandma was funny, as was the pot-smoking ol' perv played by the same actor.

Anyway, it got me through the airline flight and I had way low expectations. And it was much better than the online reviews led me to believe (Again, don't confuse this with a recommendation... I'm just saying there is a lot worse stuff out there.)

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