Monday, August 08, 2005


My iPod died in Chicago. Had to reformat the whole damn thing, which means I had to erase every one of my 3000-plus songs. The good news is I backed up to an external hard drive just a week or so ago (I keep my music seperate from my music's so hard-rockin' awesomeness does not mix with punk-ass wussified lameness.) Anyway, I WILL be able to get my iPod up and running again, it's just a bit of a pain in the ass.

And I'm not sure what is doing it. Part of me suspects my Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse in Reason CD corrupts my iPod, as this has happened before. All my music is storebought and from CD (that is, legal.) So why the hell does my iPod keep effing up every nine months or so?


.just.a.ghost. said...

because it truth, Ipods where not meant for store bought music... they just have to say that.

At least you still had the donut!

N. J. Pozner said...

It's probably the jpegs of the album covers. What program do you use to get album covers from the internet and append them to the music files?