Friday, August 26, 2005

Layman Movie Review: THE RING 2 --STARRING REGGIE!!!

Dude! I was totally there when they filmed this movie. My roommate, the queen of crazy schemes, decided we were going to go camping in Oregon, at some crazy-ass park. She reserved a "yurt," which is, like, a round camp building for hippies.

I can't remember the name of the camp, but it was pretty near "The Ocean," and we hiked to "The Ocean" and there was this 100-something year old ship, the USS Kenneth Cole, that was wrecked on the beach, and all that was left of it was the rusted hull. Pretty cool.

Anyway, the whole time we were hiking around, we were debating getting another cat. We had three females, Bumble Buzz, Batty and Rufus, and it seemed like a male would be nice, preferably a little black male which would look cute next to little noisy black Rufus. We sorta decided we would get another cat when the opportunity presented itself, and just kinda chatted back about that. On the way back to the camp there were all these trucks and movie equipment because, as I said, they were filming The Ring 2 there.

And check this out. We had JUST decided that we would get another kitten sometime soon, and we walked past this trailer that had a sign that said "free kittens." We checked it out, the this poor old family already had a bunch of dogs and a thousand little screaming brats and a bucket full of little sweet kittens, including this sweet little black and white one, who we eventually picked. The people who gave it to us said Reggie (who was not "Reggie" then) was a girl, and I wanted a little boy kitty, cause four females cats and one female roomate under one roof is too much estrogen and craziness and I felt like I needed to even the odds a bit. But, even though we thought Reggie was a girl he melted our hearts with his cuteness and we took him. We ended up leaving early from the campground and drove little Reggie home (we woulnd't learn he was a boy until we took him to the vet, and changed his name accordingly.) Anyway, on the trip home Reggie was so sweet and cute and well-behaved it was unbelievable, pretty much the polar opposite of claustrophobic and noisy pain-in-the-ass Rufus, who you can't even pick up without her going nuts, much less put her in a laundry basket.

Reggie's full name is Reginald James Bucket, in honor of the bucket we pulled him out of, in the Oregon campground where they filled The Ring 2.

POST SCRIPT: As it turns out, we were very lucky to pick out Reggie when we did. Naomi Watts, star of The Ring and The Ring 2, REALLY wanted Reggie as her own kitten, and just missed picking him out of that bucket by, like, 5 minutes. She sent me this profanity-laced email shortly after we returned from Oregon, claiming Reggie was supposed to be her cat, and that she would kill any mother fucker that got between her and Reggie's happiness. Ever since then, you better believe I've been watching my back!



Anonymous said...

I know how Naomi feels. Angelina Jolie took my sister's baby from a bucket. Needless to say, sis was pissed. She just walks around mumbling "Lara Kroft --Womb Raider."
I know a baby aint no cat, and my sister's just a white suburban punk - but it still hurts.
---King S.

Anonymous said...

King S. - You leave the best comments.